Sonax Premium Class Leather Cream intensive care of all types of smooth leather. Rich moisturizing emulsion with deep penetration effect for a soft and supple surface. Restores the leathers original, subtle shine, intensive colour and natural smoothness. Moisturizing active ingredients nourish the leather, maintain the permeability and increase the service life. The products UV filters protect the leather against colour fading when exposed to sunlight. Anti-creaking additives ensure a comfortable seating sensation without seeming slippery. Thanks to the addition of antioxidants, the leathers natural deterioration due to ageing is stopped. The treated surface has a hydrophobic effect and forms a protective barrier against dirt, water, spillages, etc. Suitable for all smooth leather, also for perforated leather surfaces and seats with seat heating. Do not use on aniline, nubuck, velours or suede leathers. Before using SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the surfaces with SONAX Premium Class Leather Cleaner.